Our parent non-profit organization

Columbia Families in Nature is a program of the Community Ecology Institute.

 Columbia Families In Nature is made possible with support from:
You're invited to come play outside!
Who:  Children and their adults.

What:  Free-play, family hikes, educational experiences, volunteer activities. When you join us, prepare to have fun, make friends, and earn your bath!

Where: Natural areas in and around Howard County, Maryland.

When: Two Sunday afternoons per month for all ages outings and two Wednesdays for our CFIN Seedlings events. See our event info for more details.

Why: Children who spend frequent time outdoors experience enhanced use of the senses, fewer attention difficulties and decreased rates of physical and emotional illness and obesity. Spending frequent time outdoors is also the best way to develop a connection to nature, which is essential for environmental stewardship. Last but not least, having close relationships with important adults gives children a sense of well-being and confidence that allows them to connect with the world around them. 

​CFIN is committed to giving families the opportunity to connect with nature, each other and their community.  There is no fee to participate. Come on out and play!