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Summer Outings - Mark your calendars


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All Ages Outing Activity Notes 

July 9



Archeology Dig Play and Woods Explore @ Fairland Regional Park. We will dig for hidden dinosaur bones and play on the huge boundless ramp structure on this playground covered with sand where children can find hidden play fossils. Once we have expended our playground energy we will hit the park trails for a shady exploration.

July 23


Ellicott City

Watershed Watcher Training @ Orange Grove Area of Patapsco State Park. Families will hike the River Road Trail that runs on the Howard County side of the Patapsco River from the swinging bridge in Orange Grove to Bloedes Dam.  During this event, families will learn how to be Watershed Watchers. Participants will be guided through the process of doing a macroinvertebrate sample, collect trash in and along the stream, conduct simple chemical testing, and record their observations and activities.  

August 4 to 6


Camping @ Greenbrier State Park. Families are booking their own sites for a shared weekend camping experience at Greenbrier State Park, which is about an hour west from Columbia and has a wonderful swimming lake!

August 27  (3-5)


Summer Watershed Watch @ the Middle Patuxent River in Kings Contrivance. Building on the training received in July, for this event CFIN will collaborate with Columbia Association Watershed Manager John McCoy to do a Watershed Watch hike along the Middle Patuxent River adjacent to Columbia Association paths in Kings Contrivance. We will gather and remove trash, conduct a macroinvertebrate sample, and make observations about the wildlife that we find, with the help of the iNaturalist app. 

September 8-10Ellicott CityCamping @ Patapsco. We are having a big camp out to welcome the slow return to fall. Families need to have attended at least two CFIN outings before the camp out in order to attend (so plan accordingly, there is lots of time) and can camp out for one or two nights. We are limited to about 20 families in total. More details forthcoming, but it isn't too soon to get this on your calendars!
September 24 (3-5)ColumbiaNative Species Planting and Jr. BioBlitz @ Wilde Lake. CFIN families will work with Columbia Association Watershed Manager John McCoy and the Wilde Lake Village Board to plant native species in riparian areas as well as conduct a junior BioBlitz to identify the animal species we can find around Wilde Lake.