Columbia Families in Nature is a program of the Community Ecology Institute.


  • "​Once again we had a fabulous time! I am learning to love nature more and more! My daughter was so excited to dig, plant, and just get dirty!"

  • "Getting through the trail's 'obstacles' - climbing on rocks and balancing on tree trunks - made us feel really connected."

  • "I enjoyed meeting new people in our neighborhood and seeing my children get enthusiastic about nature."

  • "I love hiking and have wanted to get my kids involved, but the kids usually get bored along the way and it becomes a slog. But having other kids around made it so much more fun for them!" 

  • "We had an outstanding time! It was something new for all of us and I an experience I know the kids will never forget!"

  • "It was great to spend time together as a family. It gave us the opportunity to get outside our comfort zone, get dirty and be silly."

  • "The outing was great for our family - having 4 kids with ages spread out... it's not easy to find a family activity that will interest them all - yesterday all of the kids had a lot of fun."

  • "We really enjoyed making the monarch way station because it was a fun way to do something positive for nature." 

  • "Finding CFIN has been a genuine blessing in our lives!"